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Chimwendo urges MPs to monitor budget implementation

Leader of the House in Malawi Parliament Richard Chimwendo Banda on Friday urged Members of Parliament to monitor implementation of the K3.8 trillion 2023/2024 budget and bills which have been passed during the first meeting of 59th Session of Parliament.

Chimwendo Banda made the remarks during closing speech in Lilongwe after members of Parliament spent 8 weeks discussing matters of national interest including passing of K3. 8 Trillion National budget of 2023/2024 Fiscal Year.

He said after successfully passing the national budget, approving legislations and conducting oversight and representation, members have an obligation to make sure what they have passed is implemented on the ground.

“It is now obligation of all members to start scrutinizing budget and make sure service delivery is done effectively through committees visit of all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs),” said Chimwendo Banda.

He further said that it is the wish of government to ensure that Malawians are served better and resources allocated for various projects are used for intended purposes.

He also thanked members from both government and opposition sides for their dedication in mature democracy saying this spirit assisted to achieve what was planned including handling emergencies together.

In his speech, Leader of Opposition Dr. Kondwani Nankhumwa concurred with Chimwendo Banda by saying that members will closely monitor implementation of the budget since a lot of money has previously being misused through different means.

He said opposition will this time follow every implementation of any activity with keen interest following exposure by National Audit Office that some resources allocated in MDAs are not properly used.

“Report shows that for the past years, government continues to lose a lot of resources through corruption, misappropriation and procurement among others and this has made us to make use of oversight role to take the step for proper utilization of resources,” he added.

Nankhumwa also called upon Tonse Government to consider rolling out of Social Cash Transfer Programme targeting households affected by Cyclone Freddy as part of recovery since survivors of the Cyclone are in dare need of the assistance.

Responding to the request, Chimwendo Banda what Nankhumwa said government is focusing much on comprehensive support to the affected households so that they are assisted accordingly.

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